Jason Presenting on line from Sydney at the Stavoren Hang in 2019 - with his Infrared lights on!


  1. From a Member of the Uluru Group in 2018

    I put together some photos of our time in Sydney and Uluru from May 2018. Please show these to Jason along with the following note:

    Jason: Photos can say alot more than words so I put together these as a reminder of the incredibly fun times we have enjoyed together. Because of you, I was able to see and experience Uluru, a phenomenal adventure that literally changed my life. You made it into an exploration for me and many others that is still with us and which we can never forget.

    From the moment we met, I realized you are one of those people who thinks deeply about subjects. You are interested to learn and are always so open to share from your own experience and knowledge. And you always like to have fun and laugh!

    I really admire how you have stepped back from your active business endeavors to spend your time informing and teaching the world about subjects of great importance and consequence. You have taken the EMF world to a new level of credibility with your books and talks.

    I am sure you have touched more lives than you could ever know.

    Your friend,

  2. From a Friend:

    I am unable to speak at the service but am deeply moved by your offer. Jason has been in my thoughts on a pretty much constant basis. He was incredibly connected on so many levels of life and acted as a bridge of truth and understanding for the world at large. We will miss him deeply and remember him for who he was and what he stood for. His love of life, kindness and generosity were contagious.

  3. When you mentioned that Jason died on July 26, I immediately recalled the man I met in Uluru. I never took a picture of him, as all the images I have of him are in my mind and heart. I had a zoom meeting with him in April and he spoke about you. I knew by looking at him that he would be passing this year, but his tone and eyes sparkled when he spoke about how close you had become. He looked forward to the weekly conversations where you challenged him to share and connect the dots. I can still hear him say, “She is the most intelligent woman, no person, I have ever met.” Potentially, your weekly conversations extended his life. I’m sure he will help you as much as he can from where he is now

    Thank-you for introducing him to us, Solari subscribers, and hosting the memorable trip to Uluru in 2018. Bill, and his wife Tamara who also attended the Uluru retreat and I meet and communicate often. We had lunch, here in Southern California Saturday August 14. Tamara created one of her beautiful flower arrangements to place on the table in honor of Jason. We shared stories Jason shared with us to send him great vibes.

    His fearless quest to find and provide health solutions while managing the effects of Technology, made a big difference for us in the products we use, and the people we met. He touched each of us and so many around the world. Thank-you Jason for sharing with your signature charismatic style!

    Sonia Jeantet

  4. I’m saddened to hear of Jason’s passing. He was a courageous, intelligent man… a genuine bright soul. I had the pleasure of interviewing him in 2019, he had a way of bridging worlds, helping people connect with what’s real no matter where they are coming from, and brought forward many solutions, in the sphere of safe technology and otherwise.

    Jason, your life was such a blessing, to so many. May your vision for a better world live on, and bloom.

  5. My spouse Sonya and I were delighted to spend time with Jason during a once in a lifetime trip to Uluru in 2018. I am also an environmental consulting professional, and I appreciated his contributions to the field of environmental consulting as well as his focus on innovative health solutions to some of today’s unique challenges. Sonya and I both enjoyed his book as well. He was a wonderful soul and we wish him well in his next Great Journey.

  6. Puzzle Mastery
    That’s how I see the life of Jason, a Puzzle Master.
    Being a slow learner, it only took me three weeks, three days, eleven hours, and eleven minutes to be exact, to unravel Jason’s departure message.
    Jason’s message will be different for everyone, as he was and still is the master of unifying people from all walks of life. He masterfully installed a little bit of himself in each one of us. Each bit of the remaining puzzle has been gifted into the rightful place, not only playing a critical part in the person the piece sits with but also for generations to come. I find it quite exciting at what he is doing, and what’s unfolding.
    Spending time with Jason was never boring. He overstood much of the supernatural and natural aspects of this world, which was refreshing, given his corporate background. Whatever the subject, no matter how diverse, he was always in there with all bells ringing.
    Coming from a small family business and having a small business mindset, I knew from the get-go that Jason would either destroy or expand my mindset. Over our first cup of coffee six years ago at Byron Bay, Jason said, ‘David, I only do BIG or HUGE when it comes to doing anything. He wasn’t joking. Not only did he love the waves, he knew how to make them, expanding boundaries, personalities, networks, and made the impossible possible.
    At the end of the day, the self-confessing full-time pleasure monster enjoyed dogging bullets; that’s the guts of it. If he wasn’t dogging bullets, then he would say he wasn’t pushing hard enough.
    Jason was, is, and will ever be a soldier, a friend and a timeless navigator that ran his race right to the end, full noise all the way, hats of Buddy, I salute you.
    Love to always, Your friend David

  7. I will always remember Jason coming in through the ether to share with us his research and vision.
    The Archangel of the benign Red Light Spectrum, funny and impressive at the same time.

    I cannot help but think of Jason in that image; Inspiring from Above and Beyond, bathing us in his warm light and wisdom.

    Jason, thank you for all you have done for us. As soon as you’ve settled in, we’re ready for more!


  8. I became familiar with Jason through Solari. I became familiar with the work of George Kavassilas, who will be moderating the second half of Jason’s celebration, separately through a friend.

    When months ago, I stumbled on a podcast where George interviewed Jason and it became obvious they were close friends, I thought: cool. Small world.

    During the podcast, George told of how he was delighted to have met Catherine Austin-Fitts while she was in Uluru in 2018. Learning that, my appreciation of Catherine’s openness soared, and I was intrigued by Jason’s life and depth.

    So… though I did not know Jason personally, I will be there on Wednesday to honour him and listen with an open heart to those who did know and love him. Thanks for allowing me the opportunity to bear witness, in appreciation for this remarkable soul. For what he has done, who he has touched… and what he will continue to do in the multiverse.

  9. Aside from being a visionary and genuine humanitarian, and seeking to make this world a better place, Jason Bawden Smith is someone of great personal importance to us. He was with us for our marriage in Uluru, along with Catherine and so many other beautiful people in her Solari group. It was our great fortune to get to know him well, and be able to appreciate his brilliance, and above all his deep humanity. We will miss him very much.

    Richard & Tracey Dolan

  10. Jason was an extraordinary person, in touch with both the transcendental (and always seeking), and the material. He introduced me to some of the most amazing people in my life who have now become friends. This is his lasting gift to me.I was grateful that he was able to help Catherine in their weekly link ups and brainstormings. I saw Jason last in December when he came to Sydney to say farewell (in a sense) and we breakfasted together. He was cheerful as ever and spoke so appreciatively of Catherine and their “connecting dots” conversations. I see him as a great light and forerunner of worlds to come. He was a true visionary. He inspired me with his visions. He was extremely knowledgeable on so many seeming unrelated topics. What a wonderful person. I am very grateful our life paths crossed. I cannot imagine my life without his enrichment. He was always boyish, young and cheerful- beautiful qualities. Thank you Jason. We will continue to miss you.

  11. emfarriors.com was one of the first links I followed upon becoming a Solari subscriber.
    Since childhood I moved around in the dark, refusing to switch lights on.
    Thanks to Mr. Jason for giving words that explained my ambivalence toward electricity.
    I was an EMF warrior before I knew anything about anything.

  12. I have just discovered Jason’s passing. I’m in shock, so sad, his gregarious nature and generous spirit will be missed. Jason was a very generous man who supported many in the EMR education fields. He introduced me to Catherine also, which opened up a lot of new information for me. I’m so glad I met him.

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